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Digitisation – Always the right solution

More than a decade after the information revolution the pace has remained extremely high for enterprises: The question how to stay competitive involves the search for leaner and faster business processes. Here Rhenus comes into play: We as specialists in document and information logistics systematically increase the flexibility and efficiency of economic processes, thereby providing the decisive advantage for companies who want to determine the pace in their segment. Rhenus offers a modular approach because every enterprise needs individual services.

We support you with our products:

  • Rhenus FileDoc - Digitisation of filed records, for example credit files, agreement files or personnel records.
  • Rhenus InDoc - automated document processing for incoming mail, for example invoices, orders, applications, contracts, motions and customer correspondence as well as incoming mail solutions for analog and digital processes including validation and archiving.
  • Rhenus TotalDigital - document access to a first-class digital archive by web browser.

With Rhenus you combat against confusion and data flooding. Together with you we analyze and optimize processes and create customized solutions which are one step ahead. With us, knowledge becomes available through the systematic Digitisation, acquisition, validation, indexing and provision of all relevant documents and information of your enterprise for the authorized user.


You take advantage of new productivity potentials for your document streams: We process documents and files and convey them to the digital world.

Data acquisition

Digitizing data is the first step and converting them into useful information is the second one. We enter or read out the data according to your specifications and match them with your data pool for validation. Thus we allow for the automated or manual acquisition of relevant information. By applying this holistic processing method, Rhenus increases the efficiency with a lasting effect compared to conventional processes - either directly in-house at your place or in one of our certified Rhenus document centers.

Document logistics

As a service provider we act, of course, completely in accordance with your specifications. Therefore we adapt the provision of data to your infrastructural conditions. Rhenus compiles data for all common ECM, DCM and ERP systems with the aid of standardized production systems by which we can ensure that the processed data is smoothly and directly transferred into the workflow of your enterprise. We use both DVDs and hard disks as storage media and a FTP server solution or a dial-in/ leased line as transmission medium. Or we provide you with an archive system on a loan basis so you do not have to invest into one. You have the choice.

Our solutions

We provide you with our standard solutions, and you select the required applications and specifications on a modular basis according to your own infrastructure.

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